NSPE Heads Off Potential Liability Problem for PEs

Monday, November 9, 2015

On November 4, NSPE successfully secured full support from the American Association of Engineering Societies to endorse NSPE’s recommended changes to the World Federation of Engineering Organizations’ proposed Model Code of Practice. At its core, this is a thoughtful document on an important issue: how to address the increasing challenges posed by climate change to infrastructure resiliency. However, the standards and provisions within the draft document could establish a new standard of care for professional engineers that far exceeds their existing duties and responsibilities.

NSPE brought this serious concern to AAES’s attention in September and has been working with member societies to incorporate the changes. At AAES’s November 4 meeting, all recommendations were accepted. Moreover, the working group that drafted the initial document has approved NSPE’s recommendations and supports them as they move forward for final consideration by the WFEO General Assembly in December.

NSPE is firmly committed to promoting and protecting the interests of the licensed professional engineer. This is an important example of NSPE leading the charge to advocate for the profession.