Emerging Leaders Program

The NSPE Emerging Leaders Program is an intensive 7 month, professionally facilitated, focused, practical, virtual program for emerging leaders.

Between August and February participants will receive specific, relevant training and application on how to be successful at higher levels of leadership responsibility.

The target audience for the Emerging Leader Program is for promising early-career professionals with 5-8 years of experience who are just beginning to lead and think strategically in the profession and their careers.

The reality-based curriculum focuses on the core skills necessary to think strategically, build effective teams, deliver great service for their most valued clients, and lead successfully.

Each participant will take part in:

  • PXTSelect online leadership assessment tool and analysis
  • Each Month:
    • 90 Minute professionally lead leadership training provided by Cross Group
    • Asynchronous learning discussions
    • Mentoring discussion
  • Topics: Ownership, Team Development, Communication Skills, Giving/Receiving Feedback, Presentation Skills
  • Networking opportunities with peers and national NSPE leaders
  • Presentation skills training and hands on experience with a presentation to the NSPE Board of Directors
  • Project based team building and leadership training

Important Dates

  June 30: Application DUE
  TBA: Application Decisions/Acceptance
  TBA: Registration fees due $950 member/ $1,249 non member (includes membership)

Justification Toolkit

Justifying participation can be tough. Below is a letter template you can use to help justify your participation in this program. Simply edit the document and fill in the highlighted portions into the word document or copy it into an email.
  Justification Letter

Scholarship Availability

The NSPE Education Foundation has reserved four scholarships for eligible applicants for whom cost would be prohibitive of participation, and where employer sponsorship is not available. If you qualify, please send a letter to education@nspe.org outlining why you should be considered for a scholarship.

Program Schedule

It is important that each participant be able to attend all scheduled events. The program events will include monthly “Live Meetings” and separate Online Discussion/Application Sessions from August 2021 through February 2022. A detailed schedule of events will be provided to each selected applicant as we move closer to the event.

NSPE Diversity Statement

One of the four key focus areas of the NSPE's strategic plan is promoting diversity in tomorrow's engineer. In an effort to encourage these efforts, we would appreciate all applicants of the ELP program, and those utilizing our services, fill out their demographic information in their NSPE account profile.


Application Deadline: June 30, 2021.

Meet the Class

The 2020 Class of the NSPE Emerging Leader Program was a diverse group of super achieving new professionals looking to enhance their leadership skills and potential. We are proud of them for their hard work and growth throughout the program.

2021 Emerging Leaders Syllabus

Program Dates


“LIVE” Kick Off & Introductions (TBD PM)
Online Discussions

  • MENTOR Connection


“LIVE” Meeting

  • TOPIC: Ownership
  • Leadership Model
  • Ownership description/case studies
  • Potential Reading – David Maister, “Strategy and the Fat Smoker” article
  • Credibility, Insight, Passion, Influence
  • Mastering My Stories
  • Commitments/follow-through
  • Select projects and teams – Project call, September 16

Online Discussions

  • Group Project Work 16th
  • MENTOR Connection


“LIVE” Meeting

  • TOPIC: Team Development
  • The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Model
  • Potential Reading – purchase and read The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Lencioni)
  • Trust activities
  • Conflict activities

Online Discussions

  • Group Project Work
  • MENTOR Connection


“LIVE” Meeting

  • TOPIC: Communication Skills
  • Meaningful Dialogue Model
  • Potential Reading – Crucial Conversation (Patterson, et.al.) or articles
  • Dialogue Skills activities

Online Discussions

  • Report on the project
  • MENTOR Connection  


“LIVE” Meeting

  • TOPIC: Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Importance of feedback
  • Motivation and employee engagement
  • Potential reading – “A Great Coach in Action” article by David Maister
  • Communication skills continued

Online Discussions

  • Report on the project
  • MENTOR Connection


“LIVE” Meeting

  • TOPIC: Presentation Skills
  • Presentation tips and techniques (virtual and face-to-face presentations)
  • Practice with short segments of project presentations

January 20

“LIVE” Meeting

  • Dress rehearsal of project presentations


“LIVE” Meeting

  • Group presentation to NSPE Board of Directors
  • Commencement to Continued Learning
  • 100 Day Plans for continued commitment to leadership growth