Why PEs Matter

NSPE believes the public should be able to be confident that engineering decisions affecting their lives are made by qualified and ethically accountable professionals.

Licensure ensures the public that those engaged in professional activities impacting their lives are competent to do so:

  • 1773 – The first bar exam;
  • Mid 1800’s – Medical and dental licensure; and,
  • 1907 – Engineers.

Licensure gives the public a chance to review credentials before receiving services.

When you send your child to school, who checked to ensure the engineering of the utility service was done correctly?

building explosion
  • In 1937, an explosion at a school in New London, Texas, killed 300 people and severely injured another 300.

  • The cause of the explosion? Faulty engineering, no Professional Engineer required, linked to cost saving actions by the school board.

Maybe in 1937, but is it really necessary today?

  • 1986

    Challenger Explosion

  • 2010

    Deep Water Horizon Disaster

  • 2015

    Gold King Mine Disaster

  • 2018


  • 2019


Why Join NSPE

NSPE is the only organization monitoring and fighting the trends to deregulate professional engineering across the country.

We make sure legislators and the public understand the value of professional engineers, and we rely on the support of members to amplify that message.

We regularly educate lawmakers on the difference between occupations and professions, so that they understand the vital role licensing plays in protecting public safety. Professional licensing is an important indicator of a baseline level of qualification, requiring rigorous education, examination, and experience, which sets a standard so the public knows which professionals they can trust. Without licensing, the public won’t know who to trust.

Take a role in the protection of your P.E. license and join the only nationwide coalition of professional engineers with the history, knowledge, and resources to ensure that the PE voice is heard. NSPE members directly support and benefit from our advocacy efforts.

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You wouldn't trust an unlicensed individual to keep you safe in this environment.
operating room
So why would you in this one?
nuclear reactors
You wouldn't trust an unlicensed individual to be in responsible charge in this environment.
airplane cabin
So why would you in this one?
airplane assembly
You wouldn't trust an unlicensed individual to protect your interests in this environment.
court room
So why would you in this one?