Interest Groups

All NSPE members automatically qualify to join one of five practice-specific engineering interest groups. Each provides members with benefits unique to their field, including opportunities to: 1) Network within their communities of practice across geographical lines, 2) Build leadership skills and professional alliances, 3) Give input on products and services designed to serve the whole engineering community, 4) Help recognize leading and emerging engineers within your field with awards and scholarships, and 5) Join in mentoring young engineers within your practice community.

  • Construction
    The Professional Engineers in Construction offers members a unique opportunity to share knowledge across geographical boundaries. >>
  • Government
    Membership in the Professional Engineers in Government is a powerful resource for those engineers working in federal, state and local governments. >>
  • Higher Education
    Attracting, training, and mentoring the professional engineers is just part of the important role of the Professional Engineers in Higher Education. >>
  • Industry
    Engineers across all industrial sectors,will benefit from the Professional Engineers in Industry's focus on employment practices and legislation. >>
  • Private Practice
    The Professional Engineers in Private Practice provides a wide range of growth opportunities no matter the stage of your career. >>