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Career Center News: Articles from PE magazine

Have You Learned Your Lesson?
Lessons-learned reviews conducted after a project is complete can offer benefits, but may also come with risks—particularly liability concerns.

Power Up Your Professionalism
No matter your career stage, renewing your commitment to the traits of a professional will give you a boost.

A Goal and an Assist
On the path to the PE, young engineers find support from employers.

Are You a Competent Engineer?
New competency model can help you find out..

Good News, Bad News
How you view the state of engineering employment may depend on whether you’re a professional making a move or an employer scrambling for talent.

Add ‘Brain Basics’ to Your Professional Development List
Several years ago, on a whim and after an over five-decade lapse since the third grade, I returned to art by taking a drawing class—loving it—and enrolling in more classes.

A Second Act
A growing number of PEs are choosing to work part-time after retirement. It’s a decision that benefits engineers, employers, and clients.

Looking at 50
The odds may be against engineers who are over age 50 and looking for work, but there are ways to improve them.

The 3 Secrets to Becoming ‘Awesomely, Amazingly, World-Class Excellent’
Max Fischer was on 18 extracurricular teams, ranging from fencing and debate to the skeet shooting team and beekeepers club.

How Managers Deliver Project Success
Managing projects takes a wide range of skills and abilities. Here’s some advice from PEs who have been there.

Your Career Starts Here
As the latest class of engineering graduates prepares to join the work world, younger NSPE members offer career advice.

10 Top Tips on Leadership
Leadership is a complex subject. You don’t master it by going to a seminar or reading a book. The following are examples of the very best leadership advice I’ve accumulated over 30 years as a leader and consultant.