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NSPE was established in 1934 to realize a simple but vital goal: create an inclusive, nontechnical organization dedicated to the interests of licensed professional engineers, regardless of practice area, that would protect engineers (and the public) from unqualified practitioners, build public recognition for the profession, and stand against unethical practices and inadequate compensation.

Much has changed since then, but NSPE’s fundamental commitment to this vision, articulated at its founding, has not.

As a dedicated member for four decades, you understand the importance of NSPE and know the benefits of our efforts. You have partnered with us in carrying out our mission to foster professional engineers in service to society, and we thank you for your lengthy involvement in the NSPE community.

Your contribution will help shape the future of professional engineering, expand public awareness of engineers’ value in improving quality of life, and will allow us to continue advocating for and protecting the P.E. license.

In addition, your contribution will support the production of publications like PE magazine, and will assist in the educational and ethical practice needs of engineering students, teachers, and practicing professionals.

With your generous support today NSPE can continue investing in a strong foundation for the future of professional engineering.