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There are obvious differences between barbers and professional engineers, but many state politicians have begun to classify the two together. Since the start of 2016, 31 states have introduced legislation and/or regulations that would erode and even destroy PE licensure as we know it today, all in the name of allegedly creating greater competition. NSPE is fighting to ensure that the licensed practice of professional engineering is considered a learned profession and that the engineering license is treated like a medical license. We live in a fast-paced, ever changing world in which professional engineering is constantly growing and evolving. Public policy, established through legislation, regulations, or litigation, are shaping the ability of professional engineers to practice. The profession is constantly facing new and growing challenges and opportunities.

With your generous support, NSPE can successfully advocate for the protection of engineering licensure and against efforts to undermine the value of the PE license, as well as many other issues. By pooling resources into the Protect the PE Fund, NSPE can work to ensure that policymakers at all levels make wise decisions on legislative and regulatory issues vital to the interests of professional engineers like you. Only by speaking with one voice can NSPE make sure its message is heard. With your generous support today NSPE will invest in a strong foundation for the future of professional engineering.