NSPE Protects Your PE License

A professional engineer is obligated to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Since 1934, NSPE has served as an advocate for licensed professional engineers across the nation and assists them in upholding the duty of protecting the public. The Society also supports members and state societies to combat efforts to devalue engineering licensure and to expand the role of licensed engineers to improve public safety.


NSPE Warns: Proposed Model Code Could Increase Litigation Against PEs

An effort by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations to address climate change and infrastructure resiliency could create negative consequences for professional engineers, says NSPE.

NSPE believes that the WFEO’s Model Code of Practice document is, at its core, a thoughtful document on an important issue: how to address the increasing challenges posed by climate change to infrastructure resiliency. However, the standards and provisions within the draft document could establish a new standard of care for professional engineers that far exceeds the existing duties and responsibilities of the professional engineer.

The Society is urging the American Association of Engineering Societies’ representative to the WFEO to recommend that the document be modified to address the provisions that will expose professional engineers to potential increased claims and litigation.

Read NSPE's Letter to AAES (PDF)

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