2011 NSPE New Product Award Winners

Small Company Category
W.J. Castle, P.E. & Associates, P.C.
WJ Castle PE
Hainesport, NJ

OVERALLThe Hydro-Brace was developed by William J. Castle, P.E., S.E. as an innovative, more cost-effective, alternate solution to currently available pile jackets. Hydro-Brace H-Pile repair system uses a combination of steel plates, concrete and rebar to strengthen and protect deteriorated steel h-piles. Hydro-Brace can be used both above and below water, and custom fabricated for any size H-pile. The materials used are readily available and no specialty grouts or jacket materials are required which results in major cost savings. Installation of the Hydro-Brace system is less labor intensive than standard pile jackets. Therefore labor costs are significantly reduced. Use of the Hydro-Brace can increase the strength of the repaired section by approximately 30% and extend the pile life expectancy ~ 30 years.  The Hydro-Brace can be used as part of a maintenance program or as spot repair to extend the life of the entire structure and to eliminate structural failures.

Large Company Category
RQ Series - High efficiency rooftop units
Tulsa, OK

AAONAAON RQ series rooftop units are engineered for performance, flexibility, and serviceability. Double wall rigid polyurethane foam insulated cabinet construction and direct drive backward curved plenum fans allow RQ series units to have quiet, energy efficient airflow with high static pressure capabilities. Standard RQ series features include stainless steel piano hinges, color-coded wiring diagrams, labeled components and isolated controls and compressor compartments for ease of maintenance.  RQ units are available as air-cooled or water-cooled condenser packaged rooftop units, air-source, water-source, or geothermal heat pumps, 100% outside air units, and chilled water or non-compressorized air handlers. Heating is available in high performance hot water, steam, electric, and gas heating configurations. Options include high efficiency variable speed fans and variable capacity compressors, energy recovery wheels, and economizers with efficiencies up to 19 SEER.

Mega Company Category
Eaton Corporation
Eaton Corp.
Marshall, MI

CrutoniteCrutonite® is the trade name for an all-new, award winning alloy developed by Eaton Corporation that was designed as an alternative to high-strength, high-temperature superalloys that contain high amounts of expensive nickel. Eaton Crutonite® is comprised of less than half the amount of nickel as traditional high-temperature alloys, but offers comparable strength and wear and corrosion resistance. Engine exhaust valves made with Crutonite® are more cost effective for multi-fuel and enhanced combustion engines on passenger vehicles and heavy-duty diesel trucks with high temperature and pressure requirements.

Note: Medium Company Category was not awarded this year.