Order of the Engineer

NSPE has a long history of support for the Order of the Engineer and its ideals. Many NSPE members are also members of the Order, and both organizations take great pride in the profession.

According to Building for Professional Growth: A History of the National Society of Professional Engineers 1934-1984 by Paul Robbins, P.E., former Ohio Society President Homer Borton, P.E., played a key part in designing the Order of the Engineer ceremony. Part of the Obligation of the Engineer pledge is modeled after NSPE's Engineers' Creed.

In addition, NSPE became a vehicle for extending the ring ceremonies throughout the U.S. via its chapters and state societies. Currently, 20 local sections or "links" permitted to perform the ceremony are associated with the Society, including NSPE's Professional Engineers in Government, about 15 state societies, and several local and university chapters.