As the only national association dedicated to the support and development of licensed professional engineers across the nation, NSPE offers members a wealth of resources useful throughout the licensure process and beyond.

Engineering Body of Knowledge (First Edition)
What knowledge, skills, and attitudes should every PE strive for? NSPE has taken a first shot at answering that question. >>

Engineering Credentials (PDF)
The various credentials for engineers and allied professionals and the continued increase in the number of such credentials create confusion for practitioners and consumers alike. Many have recognized that this confusion compromises the effectiveness of these credentials. Some of the confusion is due to lack of understanding about credentials, their benefits and limitations, and credentialing terminology. To address these needs, the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards and the National Society of Professional Engineers have collaborated to prepare this tutorial on credentials for engineers and allied professionals.

Demonstrating Qualifying Engineering Experience for Licensure
One of the least understood areas of the engineering licensure process relates to the question of what constitutes acceptable qualifying engineering experience for the purposes of licensure. >>

Exam Review and Preparation
Attaining licensure is an important step in every professional engineer's career. That's why NSPE assists licensure candidates in every way possible –by evaluating a wide range of exam review and preparation courses in all media and putting them at your disposal, conveniently and economically. >>

Frequently Asked Questions About Licensure
In general, what are the requirements for licensure as a professional engineer?; Who accredits the engineering program?; and more. >>

Licensure by Comity
Individuals licensed in one state or U.S. territory are often interested in becoming licensed to practice in additional jurisdictions. >>

Licensure and Ethics Hotline for Members Only
Are you an NSPE member with a question about engineering licensure, ethics, or law? If so, call 888-384-4295 or e-mail Please provide your nine-digit NSPE member number. For all other questions, please call 888-285-6773.

Licensed and Certified
An article written for the graduating engineer by John Edwards. >>

Strategies for Adoption of Changes to State Engineering Statutes
The purpose of this white paper is to provide guidance to NSPE state societies and others in the engineering profession on strategies to consider in legislative initiatives to amend state engineering laws in accordance with NSPE professional policies and position statements. >>

Tips and Strategies to Pass the FE/FE Exam
Review this Web seminar and discover strategies that many people have found useful in preparing for the exam and what to do and not do while taking the exam. >>

Free Web Seminars
Changing the PE Paradigm in the Future: Additional Education for Professional Practice >>
Engineering Education Outcomes—NSPE's Professional Practice Initiative >>
Strategies for the Modification of State Engineering Statutes >>

State Continuing Education Requirements for Engineers
This document outlines the continuing education requirements for engineers by state. (PDF) >>

State Licensing Boards
To find out about licensure requirements and dates and locations of licensure exams, contact your state/territory licensure board. >>

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