NSPE Protects Your PE License

A professional engineer is obligated to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Since 1934, NSPE has served as an advocate for licensed professional engineers across the nation and assists them in upholding the duty of protecting the public. The Society also supports members and state societies to combat efforts to devalue engineering licensure and to expand the role of licensed engineers to improve public safety.

60 Minutes Statement
(Revised 3/25/15)

The National Society of Professional Engineers applauds CBS’s 60 Minutes’ news story (“The Storm After the Storm,” March 1, 2015) about altered professional engineering reports on homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The 60 Minutes segment brought to the public’s attention the important health and safety role that ethical and licensed professional engineers play in investigating structural failures caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters. Importantly, the 60 Minutes story also highlighted the serious ramifications and consequences associated with the unlicensed practice of engineering.

NSPE does not have independent knowledge of the facts in this case and acknowledges that the issues reported in the 60 Minutes story are under active investigation by federal and state authorities. Regardless of the outcome of those investigations, NSPE wants to recognize the engineer who made the hard ethical call and did the right and courageous thing, honoring his duty to the public as a licensed professional, by bringing what he discovered to those authorities’ attention.

NSPE, which has a more than 80-year history of dedication to the public safety, health, and welfare, eagerly awaits the results of those investigations by the proper authorities. We firmly support all professional engineers who exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity in carrying out their work, ever mindful of their obligation to hold the public health, safety, and welfare above all other considerations.

Watch “The Storm After the Storm” at http://www.cbsnews.com/60-minutes/

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