Student Recruitment Plan

Student Recruitment Plan

Step One: Create Student Chapters at Major Universities.
Adding an anecdote about a personal experience to a member's dues payment is an integral
part of them inspiring them to renew year after year. When it's time to complete the annual
renewal form, they think, "What has this membership done for me in the last year?" Therefore,
students need a place to share their ideas and concerns among their peers. Also, NSPE and
the state societies are constantly developing new programs, products, and services pertinent to
students' education. Student chapters can also coordinate with local chapters to host joint
meetings and events to increase collaboration among different age groups within the Society.

Step Two: Create an annual student night.
Every student chapter should have an annual reception where prospects are invited to find out
what the Society can do for them. Based on the Michigan Society of Professional Engineer's program, students will be invited to a function that offers:

  • Panel discussion related to entering the engineering profession and importance of
  • Introduction of NSPE mentoring initiative.
  • Networking opportunity for students.
  • Informal reception for further discussion of topics over light fare.

Step Three: Work with partnering organizations.
Encourage student chapters to form a bond with other student chapters within NSPE's
partnering organizations, such as NSBE and AWE. Host joint chapter meetings that focus on
professional development and diversity in the workplace. As a result of collaborations with the
partnering organizations, prospects will regard the organization in high esteem and may join
NSPE on the spot.

Step Four: Local chapters sponsor student members.
Local chapter officers should sponsor at least one new student member a year. There are
many benefits to sponsoring a membership, but most importantly, more members join and stay
because they are asked to do so. Therefore, local leadership is in a position to positively impact
the success of this program. It also works in conjunction with the PE Invitational, NSPE's
Member Get A Member campaign. Members should know how important they are to the overall
success of the Society, both now and in the future.

Step Five: Create a student track at state annual conference/meetings.
In conjunction with the competition, incorporate seminars that deal with student issues into the
NSPE Annual Conference. Invite local student chapters to hold a meeting during the
convention and invite members to attend. YEAC may sponsor a breakfast with students to
promote mentoring and networking.