'For the Client' Series

The information presented in these articles is for professional liability risk management guidance only. Consultation with legal or insurance counsel on use of this material is recommended. Note: Most of these articles are in PDF and require free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.
'For the Client' Articles
ADA Certifications and Indemnity Obligations
Assessing Risk
A Basic Guide to Surety Bonds
Betterment and Added Value
Bringing Order to Change Orders
Carefully Standard Contract Documents—An Ounce of Prevention
Change Orders
A Contractual Safe Harbor for Change Order Costs
Considering Consequential Damages
Construction Contingency—Standard of Care vs. Cost of Design Errors and Omissions?
Dealing With Disputes. . . Mediation As An Options?
Dealing With Disputes. . . What Are the Options?
The Engineer's Need for a Written Contract
Expect the Unexpected
Is the Submittal Process Unnecessarily Burdensome?
Is Project Insurance a Worthwhile Investment?
Liquidated Damages Can Help Owners Manage Risk
Liquidated Damages Give Reason for Caution
Managing Change Orders
Owners and Engineers Find Benefits in Project Insurance
Owners May Want It, But Insurance Carriers Can't Give It
Private Practice Communities:
Part 1:
Understanding Rising Construction Costs in a Flat World;
Part 2:
Handling Unexpected Increases in Construction Costs
The Importance of Record Keeping
The Push for Sustainability
The Pros and Cons of Subrogation
The Role of the Contractor During Construction
The Role of the Engineer During Construction
The Role of the Owner During Construction
Selecting a Contractor
Should the Engineer Be Listed as an Additional Insured?
Successfully Incorporating Sustainability-Related Goals in a Project
The Surety's Role in Disputes
The Use of Purchase Orders To Procure Professional Services. . .Is It a Problem?
The Value of QBS to the Client
What Clients Need to Know About The Engineer's Standard of Care
What Owners Need to Know About QBS
What You Should Know About Claims-Made Insurance Policies
When Dealing With Disputes, Make Mediation an Option
Your Best 'Mold Insurance'