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A Field Guide For Inspection of Sewage and Drainage Construction

A Field Guide For Inspection of Sewerage and Drainage ConstructionAn inspector plays a crucial role in any construction project. The job demands knowledge, awareness, keen observation skills, and the ability to deal with contractors and project owners. A Field Guide For Inspection of Sewerage and Drainage Construction provides the inspector the necessary knowledge to inspect sewerage and drainage construction projects.

The guide, specifically written to advance the mission of high-quality construction standards, provides a series of proven policies, established procedures and techniques, and helpful resources, including "Inspection Checklists," that are applicable to construction projects on any size scale.


Each year, the NSPE-PEC George B. Hightower, P.E. Scholarship is awarded to honor an outstanding engineering graduate student in construction.


A new online community for PE's in construction/design industry, your platform for exhanging ideas in construction/design industry. Visit NSPE Communities and from the navigation click on "Communities" > "All Communities" and look for the NSPE in Construction Community on the page to join the discussion.


Professional Engineers in Construction Executive Board

Successful Project Management

An Owner's Guide to Successful Project Management provides a framework from which owners of a project can develop a general working knowledge of the "owner's representative" process to deliver a quality project safely, on schedule, and within budget.