Professional Liability Insurance

NSPE Position Statement No. 10-75
July 2018
Latest Revision: 
July 2018
Sunset Date: 
September 2021
NSPE Contact: 
Board of Directors
Professional Policy Supported: 
10-Professional Practice

It is the policy of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) to endorse the use of Professional Liability Insurance to protect the interests of professional engineers in the course of their practice of engineering.

It is the further policy of NSPE that:

  1. It is improper for professional engineers to misrepresent to clients or potential clients the nature, scope, or extent of their professional liability insurance.

  2. Carrying of Professional Liability Insurance should be a personal choice of the professional engineer.

  3. NSPE is opposed to the adoption of laws or regulations that require professional engineers to carry professional liability insurance.