Engineering Education Requirements

NSPE Position Statement No. 02-168
July 2018
Latest Revision: 
March 2019
Sunset Date: 
March 2022
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Committee on Policy and Advocacy
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Position Statement: It is the position of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) to support the concept of engineering licensure candidates meeting additional academic or other educational requirements as a prerequisite for engineering licensure. Additional education requirements should include formal education (such as a master’s degree in an engineering discipline) or alternative approaches (such as additional coursework or professional development education) after obtaining a baccalaureate degree.

With the continuing rapid expansion of knowledge required to practice in the basic, as well as the many specialized areas of engineering, NSPE believes that additional engineering education, not limited to formal academic education, beyond the four year ABET/EAC degree is required to adequately prepare graduate engineers for the practice of licensed professional engineering.