Continuing Professional Competency

NSPE Position Statement No. 10-122
July 2018
Latest Revision: 
February 2021
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Committee on Policy and Advocacy
Professional Policy Supported: 
10-Professional Practice

Position Statement: It is the position of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) to support uniform mandatory continuing professional competency in all jurisdictions, including a minimum of one annual professional development hour (PDH) in the area of engineering ethics for licensed Professional Engineers.


NSPE believes that lifelong learning and continuing education of Licensed Professional Engineers is critical to ensuring the adequate protection of the public.

NSPE believes that continuing professional development in a prescribed, but flexible form, should be a condition precedent for licensure and for periodic renewal of the license to practice engineering.

NSPE endorses enactment of uniform licensure laws in all jurisdictions. NSPE endorses the NCEES Model Law definitions of “continuing professional competency” and encourages enactment of these Model Law provisions in all jurisdictions.

NSPE encourages Jurisdictions to include “substantially equivalent” language in their Statutes and Rules so that continuing professional competency credits can be accepted across jurisdictional boundaries. NSPE discourages jurisdictions from creating additional state specific requirements.

NSPE further endorses the efforts of the professional/technical societies, Industry, and Academia to provide continuing education to licensed engineers.