NSPE Statement on Hurricane Florence

Monday, September 17, 2018

As predicted, Hurricane Florence has made a devastating impact and affected millions of people across the Carolinas, bringing wind damage, power outages, coastal flooding, and sadly, the loss of life. NSPE’s thoughts remain with all of those affected, and those still in harm’s way as inland flooding continues to be a danger.

For those professional engineers wishing to help in recovery efforts, the South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers is coordinating volunteer activities for registered land surveyors and engineers in the state.


PEs and Hurricanes

At the heart of every professional engineer, you’ll find a problem solver. And there are few bigger, more destructive problems than Mother Nature’s hurricanes. PEs approach these massive, life-threatening problems from two sides: helping communities recover from a hurricane strike and helping them better prepare to bounce back from the next one.

Below is a selection of PE magazine articles about the different ways professional engineers work to help us all.

One year after Hurricane Harvey.

“Texas PEs Set To Assist in Recovery from Harvey”
“Imagining the Impossible”
PEs point to the need for engineers to contribute their technical knowledge to policy discussions, seeing such actions as part of the ethical responsibilities inherent in their roles.

“Hurricane Harvey Offers Chemical Industry Lessons in Extreme Weather Risk”
“Speedy Recovery”
Engineers develop a pre-disaster playbook.

“From Recovery to Resilience”
“Rational decision making goes away, and all sorts of crazy things happen when people don’t have their basic needs met.”

“What Sandy Taught”
“You can't just move the city to higher ground.”

“Designing Resilience”
There’s a growing awareness that infrastructure projects need to have built-in resilience.