NSPE, Kentucky Society Quash Major QBS Threat

Thursday, September 22, 2016

NSPE alerted the Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers to a proposed rule that would have rescinded regulations directing the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to carry out qualifications-based selection. NSPE and KSPE then worked together and contacted transportation cabinet officials to explain the value of QBS and the necessity of the regulations. As a result, the cabinet rescinded its proposed rule to eliminate the regulations. The effort was another critical example of the value of NSPE’s advocacy efforts and national-state collaboration.

In a letter, NSPE President Kodi Jean Verhalen, P.E., Esq, F.NSPE, commended the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for rescinding the proposed regulations and underscored the value of QBS. In particular, QBS protects the public welfare, protects the taxpayer, benefits small firms, and promotes innovation. Verhalen wrote, “NSPE believes professional engineers, on the basis of design ability, experience, and integrity should perform all engineering services…. The three administrative regulations initially proposed for repeal are important components of QBS. NSPE, therefore, commends the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for rescinding its proposal to repeal [them].”

Read NSPE's letter to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.