Explore Recent Developments on Qualifications-Based Selection of Engineering Services

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

As more state legislators and regulators take action on the procurement of engineering services, NSPE has launched an online map that provides the latest state-by-state details.

NSPE believes that all engineering services should be performed by qualified professional engineers on the basis of design ability, experience, integrity, and judgment. To implement this principle, NSPE supports a qualifications-based selection procedure for all engineering services procurement. Recently, eight states introduced legislation or regulations that would affect QBS. This is an important issue that NSPE is proactively tracking. View the map and other QBS developments.

Qualifications-based selection is a procedure whereby service providers are retained based on qualifications, rather than price factors. Under the QBS method, the procuring agency reviews the qualifications submitted by interested individuals and firms, ranks respondents, and then negotiates with the most qualified respondent for a mutually agreeable contract. Read NSPE’s Professional Policy on qualifications-based selection of engineering services.