DOT Guide on AVs Misses Key Ingredient: PEs

Thursday, April 2, 2020

NSPE continues to sound the alarm on how the lack of regulation for autonomous vehicles can put the public at risk. In public comments on the Department of Transportation’s “Ensuring American Leadership in Automated Vehicle Technologies: Automated Vehicles 4.0,”   NSPE advocates for the presence of a professional engineer to keep people safe.

As shown in AV 4.0, DOT is continuing to prioritize innovation over regulation in the automated vehicle space. This disregard for public safety puts at risk those who will ride in or alongside automated vehicles as well as others who use the nation’s roads. To reduce this risk, NSPE recommends PE involvement in the development and deployment of AVs. Additionally, NSPE recommended having a professional engineer involved in a third-party verification process of safety assessments, which should be submitted by AV developers.

Read NSPE’s comments to DOT.