Enterprise Membership

Enterprise membership allows a company to sponsor NSPE membership for multiple employee engineers and to design specialized benefits around their needs. Through the Enterprise program, NSPE will develop a package option perfectly suited to your organization.

Download Brochure: "Successful Employees Make Successful Business" (PDF)

Why should your company enroll its engineers in NSPE?

  • NSPE membership is an employment benefit that will help you hire and keep the best engineers – a real competitive edge for your company.
  • By joining NSPE at a corporate level, your clients will recognize your company's commitment to engineering and ethical best practices, and will trust that your engineers will provide them with the best service available.
  • Your employees will recognize your commitment to their professional growth, and will remain loyal and engaged.
  • Employees will benefit from maximum access, value and convenience in everything NSPE membership has to offer.
  • Your company may also be able to save on its professional liability premiums. Through NSPE benefit partner Victor, qualifying engineering firms are eligible for an underwriting premium credit of up to 5% if at least 50% of the firm's professional staff are NSPE members.

Enroll in the Enterprise program

NSPE gives my company's employees a competitive advantage by providing the most current information, tools, resources, and networking opportunities. It is great to be able to offer membership in our suite of staff benefits, and our employees recognize our commitment to them.”
—Engineering Firm Owner, Chicago, IL

* Enterprise Members meet the same licensing and certification requirements as Engineer Professionals. For more information on Enterprise Membership, or to receive a customized package for your organization, contact NSPE Member Services at 888-285 NSPE (6773) or memserv@nspe.org.