National Society of Professional Engineers

Managing Engineering Risk & Empowering Practice with Contracts & Communication

Risk management is much more than insurance - it's a way of operating your business. The necessary tools for risk management include a strong contract, an awareness of contractual and ethical obligations, and skilled communication to address difficult situations. With these tools in hand, you can meet the demands of today's market while protecting your practice, your business, and your competitive edge. This course will bolster your understanding of contracts, ethics, and client communications, and identify how these tools can strengthen your negotiating position and your business, minimize risk, and protect your bottom line. Speaker Kristine A. Kubes is an attorney whose practices focuses on representing design professionals, where she counsels clients proactively, defends them in litigation, and mediates construction disputes. She has served on the MN Board of licensure for engineers and serves on the Governing Committee of the American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry. Kristine has a passion for educating and empowering professionals to protect their license and strengthen their businesses.