National Society of Professional Engineers

Mr. Vladimir Scheglowski, P.E. and Mr. Dustin Borror

Vladimir Scheglowski is a professional engineer with over 16 years of structural/restoration engineering experience. He offers proficiency in the areas of restoration and renovation of aging facilities, along with emergency response services. Mr. Scheglowski has expertise in building restoration design, structural building and site condition surveys, forensic studies, owner representation services, contract preparation and review, contract administration and lead consultant services, and technical instrumentation for use with building condition and forensic surveys as well as material testing. He is also skilled at analyzing the conditions of concrete, steel, wood and masonry structures as well as identifying innovative restoration alternatives and expansion improvements all while meeting fiscal and phasing considerations. Mr. Scheglowski is highly regarded as a first-class service provider and his ability to build and lead a specific team of consultants in response to complex projects is a strong attribute mentioned by his clients.

Mr. Dustin Borror is a Laser Scanning Coordinator with over 7 years of laser scanning and 3D solid modeling experience. He offers expertise in 3D laser scanning and post processing of point cloud data. His variety of experience varies from large complex buildings and structures to more simpler two story buildings. Mr. Borror will speak on the laser scanning and surveying applications at the Metrodome and other projects including building as-builts, documentations of crime scenes and debris fields and others.