C-990 Construction-Related Documents Set

Available for immediate electronic download:
All 26 Construction-Related Documents in this set. (25 in MS Word, one in MS Excel):

C-050 Owner’s Instructions Regarding Bidding Procedures
C-051 Engineer’s Request for Instructions on Bonds & Insurance
C-052 Owner’s Instructions Concerning Bonds & Insurance
C-111 Advertisement for Bids
C-200 Guide to the Preparation of Instructions to Bidders
C-410 Suggested Bid Form for Construction Contracts
C-430 Bid Bond, Penal Sum Form
C-435 Bid Bond, Damages Form
C-451 Qualification Statement
C-510 Notice of Award
C-520 Suggested Form of Agreement Between Owner & Contractor, Stipulated Price
C-523 Construction Subcontract
C-525 Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner & Contractor, Cost Plus
C-550 Notice to Proceed
C-610 Construction Performance Bond
C-615 Construction Payment Bond
C-620 Contractor’s Application for Payment
C-625 Certificate of Substantial Completion
C-700 Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract
C-880 Guide to the Preparation of Supplementary Conditions
C-940 Work Change Directive
C-941 Change Order
C-942 Field Order

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