StayWithIt and NSPE!

www.staywithit.orgWhat is NSPE?

The National Society of Professional Engineers is the recognized voice and advocate of all licensed professional engineers, regardless of specialty.

What’s NSPE’s mission?

Through education, licensure advocacy, leadership training, multidisciplinary networking, and outreach, NSPE enhances the image of its members and their ability to ethically and professionally practice engineering.


Back in March 2014, NSPE wrote a short piece for PE magazine describing the initiative, and the partnership between the two organizations. Read it here!

Why should I stay with engineering?

PE Magazine May 2014 CoverAn engineering degree, says Sarah Puffer, P.E., is the best liberal arts degree that students can get right now and can open up vast opportunities. “An engineering degree tells [graduate] schools and employers that you have a great background in critical thinking, you can think outside of the box and solve problems,” she says. “Having an engineering degree is valuable because these skills will help you stand out in any profession.” (Excerpt from May 2014 PE.)

New engineering graduates command some of the highest starting salary offers as they enter the work world. The average starting salary offer for engineering majors is $62,719 followed by $61,741 for computer science majors and $53,901 for business majors, according to a National Association of Colleges and Employers report. (PE magazine, May 2014)

In addition, engineering careers demonstrate great pay increases as you accrue experience.

PE Magazine April 2014 CoverOverall, engineers have the highest confidence level about their jobs and employers, across all industries, according to a survey by Harris Poll for Randstad Engineering. (PE magazine, April 2014)

  • 60% of engineers feel confident in their ability to find a new job, falling only one percentage point from the third quarter of 2013; and

  • 86% of engineers report they are not likely to lose their jobs over the next 12 months, a five percentage point increase from the third quarter of 2013.

What does NSPE offer students?

checkFree membership! All students can join for free; in addition, they can take advantage of a graduated dues program, which ensures that they will get a discounted membership rate for four years following graduation.

checkFree resources and products! From information on mentoring programs to resume advice and job listings, NSPE has many free offerings.

checkThere are also numerous scholarships on offer for high school, college, and post-graduate students, including some specifically for women and minorities!