Newly Revised Documents Reduce Contract Risks: National Society of Professional Engineers Offers Updated EJCDC Documents

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Stacey Ober
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

For the first time since 1996, the Engineers Joint Contract Document Committee has updated many of its engineer/subconsultant and owner/engineer documents. EJCDC contract documents are widely recognized as the most fair and objective documents in the engineering, construction, and design-build industries and are available for purchase through the National Society of Professional Engineers.

"These revisions to the 1996 version of the documents follow in EJCDC's tradition of setting the industry standard for customizable engineering design and construction contract documents," said NSPE Director, Private Practice, Kim Granados. "These documents are a must-have in your risk management strategy."

Newly updated documents include

    * E-530–Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Geotechnical Engineer (formerly 1910-27A);
    * E-564–Standard Form of Agreement Between Engineer and Geotechnical Engineer for Professional Services (formerly 1910-27B);
    * E-568–Standard Form of Agreement Between Engineer and Architect for Professional Services (formerly 1910-10); and
    * E-570–Standard Form of Agreement Between Engineer and Consultant for Professional Services (formerly 1910-14).

Each EJCDC contract document is prepared by experienced engineering design and construction professionals, owners, contractors, professional liability and risk management experts, and legal counsel. EJCDC includes NSPE's Professional Engineers in Private Practice, and the participation of more than 18 other professional engineering design, construction, owner, legal, and risk management organizations.

"Saying the EJCDC's documents' reputation precedes them is an understatement. Over 90% of our clients use them because the documents are well known for being fair, and all parties know what to expect," said Joseph W. Eberle, P.E., of Ruekert/Mielke Inc. in Waukesha, Wisconsin. "Consistently using them also allows us to train our people to a higher level of quality, resulting in lower liability exposure for our firm."

In addition to the newly updated documents, EJCDC offers contract documents in the following categories: owner/engineer; engineer/subconsultant; construction; funding agency editions; commentaries, references, procurement and multiprime; and design-build. NSPE members enjoy a significant discount on the cost for the documents, which can be immediately purchased and downloaded.

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