National Society of Professional Engineers Announces Partnership with ENERGY STAR®

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Stacey A. Ober
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Members and their clients can now improve the energy efficiency and performance of their facilities and projects, and make a fundamental commitment to protecting the environment, through a new partnership between the National Society of Professional Engineers and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR. Through the partnership, NSPE will be working toward helping members establish energy management approaches to enhance their financial health and preserve the environment for future generations. "The requirement that a professional engineer verify applications for an ENERGY STAR label for commercial building has led to a natural partnership," says Larry Jacobson, executive director at NSPE. "The EPA understands that PEs provide unbiased engineering services and are legally bound to uphold ethical standards. And it is also this high level of professionalism and commitment to the public health, safety, and welfare that sees many PEs searching for ways to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly in everything they do."
In partnership with ENERGY STAR, NSPE will encourage members to:

  • Measure and track energy performance of their facilities and those of their clients by using tools such as those offered through ENERGY STAR;
  • Develop and implement plans consistent with the ENERGY STAR Energy Management Guidelines to achieve energy savings;
  • Help spread the word about the importance of energy efficiency to their staff, peers, and the community;
  • Support the ENERGY STAR Challenge and improve the energy efficiency of America's commercial and industrial buildings by 10 percent or more; and
  • Encourage other engineering organizations to join ENERGY STAR and take the ENERGY STAR Challenge. 

NSPE will be recognized on the ENERGY STAR Web site as a partner and supporter of the ENERGY STAR Challenge, and hopes to achieve additional recognition for the society and its members by sharing members' milestone achievements in energy efficiency. Members will also enjoy access to many EPA and ENERGY STAR resources and tools, as well as future training, panel participation, and educational opportunities. In addition, members can participate in a program to offer free ENERGY STAR label certifications to K–12 schools in their local or surrounding areas as a gesture of goodwill and commitment to energy efficiency. 
ENERGY STAR is a voluntary partnership between business, government, and others to protect our environment for future generations by changing to energy-efficient practices today. ENERGY STAR works with more than 9,000 partners to improve the energy efficiency of products, homes, buildings, and businesses. Businesses can use ENERGY STAR to improve efficiency, enhance profits, and create a competitive advantage. Last year alone, with the help of ENERGY STAR, Americans saved about $19 billion on their energy bills while reducing the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those of 29 million vehicles. For more information about ENERGY STAR, visit or call 1-888-STAR-YES.

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The National Society of Professional Engineers is the national society of licensed professional engineers from all disciplines that promotes the ethical and competent practice of engineering, advocates licensure, and enhances the image and well-being of its members. Founded in 1934, NSPE has been promoting professional excellence for over 75 years. NSPE serves more than 43,000 members and the public through 53 state and territorial societies and more than 500 chapters. For more information, please visit