#13: Giving and Giving Back 2017

NSPE Speaks
This episode kicks off the holiday season with the podcast team discussing various ways to give back, professional engineers who are making a difference around the world, the history of some favorite holiday decorations, and a look at some great new engineering-themed gifts for all ages.
November 17, 2017

Segment 1: News and Updates – Ways to Give

  • Be sure to check out the pumpkin carving contest from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California for some out-of-this-world displays.
  • As one of many member benefits, NSPE offers 15 free online courses for PDH credits – the list is updated at the beginning of each year.
  • The NSPE Educational Foundation is committed to the future of the engineering profession, and you can give back and donate to support scholarships for deserving students.
  • NSPE’s Legal Fund provides financial assistance in key legal cases impacting the profession, and you can help achieve their mission by donating to the fund.
  • Consider volunteering your time with one of our many outreach partners, including DiscoverE, Future City, and MATHCOUNTS.

Segment 2: PEs and Engineers Giving Back

  • Many professional engineers are using their skills and knowledge to help advance and better human welfare around the world.
  • Several PEs are involved with nonprofit organizations such as Water Mission, Bridging the Gap Africa, and Engineering Ministries International.
  • The Millennium Challenge Corporation and its engineers work with developing countries to solve issues dealing with agriculture and irrigation; transportation, including roads, bridges, ports, water supply, and sanitation; access to healthcare, finance, and enterprise development; anticorruption initiatives; land rights and access; and access to education.

Segment 3: Advocacy News

Segment 4: Interesting Innovations

  • Hear the podcast team discuss the history of some classic holiday decorations: tinsel, artificial trees, and holiday lights.

Segment 5: Engineering Gift Guide

Bonus Video: Tinker Crate

  • Watch the bonus video of the podcast team building the Tinker Crate activity mentioned in this episode!

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