#12: Back to School 2017

NSPE Speaks
The podcast team addresses topics related to students and young members and will provide insight on new trends in engineering education. This episode also recaps the PE Conference and PE Day, and provides advocacy news.
September 11, 2017

Segment 1: News and Updates

Segment 2: Interview with Nadir Yilmaz, P.E., PhD, F.NSPE, 2017 Engineering Education Excellence Award winner

Segment 3: Interview with Stony Brook University Chapter President Christina Rajbahar

  • Access information about student membership in NSPE.
  •  See the current list of student chapters of NSPE and learn how to establish one.
  • Read the PE magazine feature article “Prepping for Professionalism” which highlights how NSPE student chapters are playing an important role in preparing the next generation of engineering professionals.

Segment 4: Interesting Innovations

Segment 5: Engineering in Pop Culture

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