#11: 2017 PE Conference Preview

NSPE Speaks
This episode includes a behind-the-scenes interview with a PE involved in planning this year's conference, advocacy updates and a PE Day preview, and top engineering TV shows. Also meet our new staff writer!
July 10, 2017

Segment 1: Conference Preview

  • Check out the lineup of education sessions available at this year’s Professional Engineers Conference.
  • Find out more about the “Night at the Aquarium” event and visit the Georgia Aquarium’s  website for more information on exhibits.
  • Download the 2017 PE Conference app for easy access to all of the conference information and tools.

Segment 2: Interview with 2017 Conference Vice Chair Kiel Johnson, P.E.

  • View the variety of topics the educational sessions cover via the Sessions by Discipline Grid.
  • Learn more about the session with Adam Stodola, P.E., F.NSPE, discussing the work of the Future of Professional Engineering Taskforce.
  • Read about the work of the taskforce (previously called the Taskforce on the Future of the Profession) in the column by 2016–2017 NSPE President Kodi Verhalen, P.E., Esq., F.NSPE, and a PE magazine feature article.

Segment 3: News and Advocacy Updates

  • The July/August PE magazine cover feature article highlights the mission of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers. Learn how you can join the Academy.
  • NSPE clarified the importance of licensure in response to a Washington Post op-ed on a highly publicized Oregon engineering licensure case.
  • The Society spoke out on the role of the professional engineer in US infrastructure development and with protecting the long-term reliability of the electric grid.
  • Michigan PEs support legislation to implement qualifications-based selection for local public projects.
  • Read how Kansas PEs will become a critical factor in increasing amusement park ride safety.

Segment 4: PE Day Preview

  • Help celebrate the second annual PE Day with downloadable graphics, template proclamation language, and more.
  • Send your photos and videos to us at pr@nspe.org or upload to your social channels with the hashtag #LicensedPEDay.

Segment 5: Interesting Innovations

Read about a new invention, created by 10-year-old Bishop Curry, that may help prevent parents from accidentally leaving their kids in hot cars.

Segment 6: Engineering in Pop Culture

Note: Shows and YouTube channels have not been personally vetted by NSPE beyond their general relevance of subject matter, and inclusion doesn’t imply endorsement of any material.

See Engineering.com’s list of Top 10 Engineering TV Shows, then discuss these and other favorites on Communities.  (Log in with your email and password for the NSPE website.)

Here's where you can find some of these shows (not a definitive list).

10. Extreme Engineering

  • Available via DVD on Netflix
  • Available streaming on Amazon

9. MacGyver

  • Available via DVD on Netflix
  • Season 1 available on Hulu
  • Available streaming on Amazon

8. Impossible Engineering

  • Watch on the Science channel or online (with a cable subscription)
  • Available streaming on Amazon

7. Look Around You

  • Some episodes available online but check legitimacy of sources

6. Top Gear

  • UK – Five seasons available on Netflix
  • US – DVD only on Netflix. Six seasons available on Hulu
  • Available streaming on Amazon

5. What the Victorians Did for Us

  • Some episodes available online but check legitimacy of sources

4. Modern Marvels

3. Silicon Valley

  • Available via HBO online (with a subscription)
  • Available streaming on Amazon

2. How It’s Made

  • Available via the Science channel online (with a cable subscription)
  • Seasons 17–19 available on Hulu
  • Available streaming on Amazon

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • Available on Netflix
  • Available on Hulu
  • Available streaming on Amazon

Below is a diverse list of engineering- and science- related YouTube channels watched by NSPE Senior Staff Writer Eva Kaplan-Leiserson’s engineer and polymath husband. These are all free!

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