#10: Workplace Bias in Engineering

NSPE Speaks
The podcast team addresses workplace bias in engineering issues and research, along with a review of current NSPE advocacy efforts, upcoming NSPE events, and discussion of the movie "Hidden Figures."
May 30, 2017

Segment 1: NSPE News

Segment 2: Advocacy News

  • Read the letter NSPE recently sent to the Office of Personnel Management urging revisions to requirements for “Professional Engineering Positions.”
  • Catch up on NSPE’s work on autonomous vehicle regulations, including a recent public comment in response to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Read about NSPE’s latest advocacy efforts to protect licensure in Oregon, Nevada, and to protect QBS in Florida.
  • See all of the threats to licensure across the country via NSPE’s interactive map.

Segment 3: Worrisome Workplace - Sexual Harassment and Bias

Segment 4: Communities

  • Read the discussion thread on the Worrisome Workplace feature package in the NSPE Communities and then share your thoughts on these or other topics.

Segment 5: Engineering Pop Culture—Hidden Figures

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