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NSPE SpeaksNSPE Speaks is the podcast of the National Society of Professional Engineers, the only national organization dedicated to the professional concerns of licensed PEs. Earning a professional engineer license means a commitment to hold the public health, safety, and welfare paramount as well as adherence to the highest standards of ethics and professional practice. NSPE Speaks provides news of importance to the professional engineer, updates on advocacy and outreach from NSPE and state societies, ethics cases to ponder, interviews with PEs and others, and off-the-beaten-path engineering-related topics.
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NSPE Speaks: Most Recent Episode

May 30, 2017
#10: Workplace Bias in Engineering

Segment 1: NSPE News

Segment 2: Advocacy News

  • Read the letter NSPE recently sent to the Office of Personnel Management urging revisions to requirements for “Professional Engineering Positions.”
  • Catch up on NSPE’s work on autonomous vehicle regulations, including a recent public comment in response to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Read about NSPE’s latest advocacy efforts to protect licensure in Oregon, Nevada, and to protect QBS in Florida.
  • See all of the threats to licensure across the country via NSPE’s interactive map.

Segment 3: Worrisome Workplace - Sexual Harassment and Bias

Segment 4: Communities

  • Read the discussion thread on the Worrisome Workplace feature package in the NSPE Communities and then share your thoughts on these or other topics.

Segment 5: Engineering Pop Culture—Hidden Figures


March 7, 2017
#9: Engineering Role Models and Outreach

Segment 1: EWeek Outreach

  • Discover all the fun and excitement that is the annual Discover Engineering Family Day!
  • The Future City competition just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Read all about the recent competition and award winners.
  • Learn more about Girl Day, a campaign to introduce more girls into the profession.
  • We profiled our New Faces nominee, Thomas Synovec, on our Facebook page, but stay tuned for more details and the winner announcement on April 6th.

Segment 2: Federal Engineer of the Year

Segment 3: In Service to Others

  • Read the article about the work NSPE members Dennis Truax, P.E., F.NSPE, and Bill Mitchell, P.E., have done in Zambia with the Mississippi State University chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA. Email Truax for more information or to support the work.
  • Learn more about Engineers Without Borders-USA and how to get involved.

Segment 4: Infrastructure Under Threat

Segment 5: Advocacy in Action

Segment 6: Engineering Pop Culture—Dream Big


March 1, 2017
#8: Bonus Episode: NSPE Advocacy Update with Arielle Eiser, NSPE Senior Manager of Government Relations

Arielle discusses three of NSPE’s latest advocacy efforts and news, including the urging of ABET to emphasize licensure’s role in engineering curriculum, NSPE and the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers opposing an effort to establish a separate structural engineering license in the state, and the appointment of a longtime NSPE member as the West Virginia Secretary of Commerce.


January 9, 2017
#7: Resolutions

Segment 1: New Year’s Resolutions

Segment 2: News and Info

Segment 3: EWeek Preview

Segment 4: Federal Engineer of the Year

Segment 5: NSPE Honor Awards

  • Nominations for this year’s honor awards (NSPE Award, Distinguished Service, and Young Engineer of the Year) are being accepted until January 31.
  • Listen to the interview with Jason Stith, P.E., NSPE’s 2016 Young Engineer of the Year, in our September 2016 podcast.

Segment 6: Engineering in Culture

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November 7, 2016
#6: Holiday Giving

Segment 1: Engineering Charities and Service Organizations

Segment 2: Interview with Leslie Collins, DiscoverE

Segment 3: NSPE’s Communities and News

  • Access NSPE’s Communities to discuss the latest NSPE news in addition to engineering licensure, ethics, and professional topics.
  • Visit www.nspe.org/join to view videos and other elements of our Fall recruitment campaign.

Segment 4: Engineering Gift Guide


September 12, 2016
#5: Back to School

Segment 1: News and Info

Segment 2: Maker Movement

  • Making a Mark,” a feature article in the September/October issue of PE magazine, examines the implications of the Maker movement for engineering education.  

Segment 3: Student Chapters

  • Read the PE magazine feature article “Prepping for Professionalism” which highlights how NSPE student chapters are playing an important role in preparing the next generation of engineering professionals.
  • Access the latest information on NSPE student chapters and student resources.

Segment 4: Advice from Students and Professors

  • Have a great year everyone!

Segment 5: NSPE’s Young Engineer of the Year

Segment 6: Back to School “Backtrack” Photo Submissions


August 16, 2016
#4: Bonus Episode: Interview with NSPE President Kodi Verhalen, P.E., F.NSPE

Newly installed NSPE President Kodi Verhalen discusses the opportunities for leadership and engagement at all levels of NSPE and how they helped on her journey to becoming the youngest President in NSPE’s history. She also shares her thoughts on the specific challenges facing engineering in the future and what those may mean for NSPE, along with her hopes for what NSPE can accomplish in the coming year.


July 8, 2016
#3: Hard at Networking

Segment 1: News and Info

  • Read more about the Environmental Protection Agency’s support of the “professional engineer model” in a final rule addressing emissions standards in the oil and gas sector.
  • Learn why NSPE is backing the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers in its opposition to legislation addressing the selection of piping material.
  • Explore an interactive map that provides details about NSPE’s actions on threats to professional engineering licensure.

Segment 2: Professional Engineers Conference

Segment 3: Conference Awards

  • Learn more about PEGASUS Award winner Danielle Slaterpryce, P.E.
  • Learn more about PEHE Engineering Education Excellence Award winner Indranil Goswami, P.E.
  • Learn more about NSPE Young Engineer of the Year Award winner Jason Stith, P.E.
  • Learn more about NSPE Distinguished Service Award winner Steve Bassett, P.E., F.NSPE.

Segment 4: NSPE Communities

Segment 5: PE Day

Segment 6: MATHCOUNTS Challenge

Segment 7: Engineering’s Good Name

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May 9, 2016
#2: The Critical Role of the Professional Engineer

Segment 1: News and info

Segment 2: New Faces

Segment 3: Features

Segment 4: Board of Ethical Review



March 6, 2016
#1: Introducing NSPE Speaks

Segment 1: News and info

Segment 2: Federal Engineer of the Year Award

Segment 3: Eweek and Family Day

Segment 4: Board of Ethical Review

Segment 5: Did You Know?

Segment 6: Nehemiah Mabry, EIT, and the STEM poetry slam


NSPE Leadership Updates

NSPE Leadership Updates podcast, published by NSPE Executive Director Mark Golden, can be found under Executive Director Board Updates in the Leadership Toolbox or listen to the latest NSPE Leadership Updates podcast with the link provided below.
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