Society’s New Business Model Moves Forward

November/December 2017

NSPE Today
Society’s New Business Model Moves Forward

Since the NSPE House of Delegates’ approval in July of a new business model for Society operations, state and national leaders have been working overtime on implementation.

The new business model aims to build a stronger, unified, and more focused organization for professional engineers and those on the path to licensure.

The work is the culmination of a year and a half of effort by NSPE members to address the inefficiencies and redundancies that became part of the federation as it evolved over more than 80 years. The goal is to provide all members with consistent, high-quality service; simplify the Society’s business operations; and unite chapter, state, and national organizations.

Under the new model, the national society will be responsible for administering membership (at a unified price of $299), including the full suite of member benefits available to individuals developed at the national level. State societies will continue to enhance the value they provide through local member engagement, advocacy, and outreach activities. NSPE will help to increase value in states that currently have a lower capacity, so that the quality of membership across the country is more uniform.

State societies have two affiliation options: integrated and nonintegrated. Simplifying NSPE’s organization into two types of affiliations with tiered service levels will set the structure for delivering a better membership experience. “By matching resources and the division of labor between national and the state societies to each state’s capacity and needs, we can ensure a consistent level and quality of membership value, regardless of where the member resides,” NSPE Executive Director Mark Golden wrote in the May/June 2017 PE.

As of mid-October, 25 of 27 state societies had formally agreed to affiliate as integrated partners.

State societies have until December 31 to declare their affiliation preference. The new model is slated for official launch on July 1, 2018.

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