Mapping PE Licensure Threats

November/December 2017

NSPE Today
Mapping PE Licensure Threats

US MapLooking at a map of the US that shows the state-by-state threats to professional engineering licensure can be quite surprising, even alarming. For over a year, NSPE has been tracking these threats and posting them to a map on the Society’s website. As of mid-October, 25 states have faced recent threats.

The threats come from legislation, regulations, and executive orders; and NSPE has successfully defended the importance of licensure on numerous occasions. For example, on August 20, 2015, after extensive advocacy efforts by the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers and NSPE, the Indiana Job Creation Commission rescinded its previously troubling recommendation to eliminate licensure of the professional engineer. Nearly identical versions of this model legislation were quickly introduced in several state legislatures, including Arkansas, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Other states have also made an issue out of the regulation of occupations and professions. In Mississippi and Idaho, governors have taken action that increases scrutiny of licensing, potentially opening the door to challenges of the PE license. Threats have appeared in Georgia and Ohio, as well. Legislatures in both states have introduced bills that could force PEs to defend the licensing system.

The map shows that no state is completely safe from ongoing threats to the professional engineering license. As a champion of PE licensure, NSPE is continually working with its state societies to ensure that threats to undermine the value of the license are quickly defeated.

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