NSPE’s ‘New Face’ Helps the Helpers

May/June 2016

NSPE Today
NSPE’s ‘New Face’ Helps the Helpers

August Boschert, P.E.After natural disasters, floods, and epidemics, the US military provides humanitarian aid around the world. NSPE’s 2016 New Faces of Engineering representative helps make that possible. August Boschert, P.E., leads studies examining the capabilities the military needs to provide assistance. For instance, he’s worked to determine new ways to get water, food, and electrical power back to destroyed areas and helped Department of Defense engineers find better ways to repair airports and seaports to bring in aid.

“I help the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines determine better ways to alleviate suffering caused by disasters,” explains the military operations analyst at Systems Planning and Analysis Inc. in Alexandria, Virginia. “I really enjoy going to work every day because my projects make a difference in the world.”

Boschert is also president of the Northern Virginia chapter of the Virginia Society of Professional Engineers and volunteers with NSPE at the National Engineering Family Day in Washington, D.C., during Engineers Week.

The New Faces of Engineering Program, sponsored by DiscoverE, highlights outstanding young engineers age 30 or younger.

NSPE New Faces Runners Up

Dempsey Ballou, P.E.Dempsey Ballou, P.E., is a water resources engineer at Gresham, Smith, and Partners in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has developed specialized expertise in green infrastructure and recently obtained the Envision Sustainability Professional certification. He coauthored a Water Environment Federation manual of practice, Wet Weather Design and Operation in Water Resource Recovery Facilities. Ballou volunteers with a number of organizations, including MATHCOUNTS.

Leah Read, P.E.Leah Read, P.E., is a structural engineer for AECOM in New Orleans, where she has completed design work for flood-control and drainage projects in post-Katrina south Louisiana. She has designed deep foundations and concrete structures for floodwalls, drainage culverts, retaining structures, and pump stations that will help protect residents. During an office move, she led a recycling/repurposing campaign for supplies, keeping several tons of materials out of dumpsters and providing it to schools, nonprofits, libraries, and individuals across New Orleans.

Additional NSPE Nominees

Danielle Dresch, P.E.Danielle Dresch, P.E., is a water resources engineer with Gresham, Smith, and Partners in Louisville, Kentucky. She has worked on projects across multiple disciplines and applied her skills in the land planning and transportation markets as well. She serves as the Kentucky/Tennessee committee chair for Water for People, which works toward high quality drinking water and sanitation for people around the world.

David Lin, P.E.David Lin, P.E., is a facilities engineer with Aera Energy LLC in Bakersfield, California. He holds PE licenses in both civil and mechanical engineering and manages projects in areas including operations, maintenance, environmental, and safety. His shale heat exchanger conversion project won a branch-level Excellence Award in the energy category from the American Society of Civil Engineers. He also hosts engineering outreach experiments at the public library.

Kimberlee McKitish, P.E.Kimberlee McKitish, P.E., is a structural engineer for NuTec Design Associates Inc., in York, Pennsylvania. She serves as the firm’s sustainability expert, managing multidiscipline design teams to complete documentation needed for LEED certification. She will be speaking at NSPE’s and the Texas Society of Professional Engineers’ 2016 Professional Engineers Conference in Dallas on “Creative Problem Solving for Repairing Wood Structures.” McKitish serves on the board of her local chapter of ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering) Mentoring, which mentors high school students and inspires them to pursue careers in those fields.

Brian Van Nortwick, E.I.T.Brian Van Nortwick, E.I.T., is a water resources engineer for H2M architects + engineers in Howell, New Jersey. He has coauthored a research journal article, “Algal Virus: a Potential Sustainable Solution to Algal Bloom and Algal Biofuel” (pending publication) and is actively involved with organizations such as the American Water Works Association and the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers. He also raises funds and awareness for cancer research and programs with the American Cancer Society.

NSPE’s College Edition Representative

Robbie MerillatRobbie Merillat is a student at the Colorado School of Mines, where he is majoring in computer science and minoring in mathematics. He is part of the school’s Solar Decathlon team, which is working toward participation in the 2019 Department of Energy-sponsored competition.

As a high school student, Merillat and others taught elementary school students science when his hometown discontinued funding for several years. “The kids loved the experiments we did, such as looking through microscopes at cells and creating polymers,” Merillat says. “Given that they had no other exposure to the sciences at that time…I believe that I had a positive impact on them.”