Free 2019 Webinars Now Available

March/April 2019

NSPE Today
Free 2019 Webinars Now Available

Members who need to meet continuing education requirements for license renewal now have a new lineup of 15 webinars that are included in the price of membership.

The courses are available online and available 24/7.

  • Advancing Your Career: Seven Essentials Principles to Set Yourself Apart
  • Architects & Engineers Claims Risk: Impact of Changing Technology
  • and Inexperience
  • Engineering Career Development: How to Manage and Retain the Future Workforce
  • Engineering Ethics: Marketing Communications, and Employment *
  • Engineering Ethics: The PE and Domestic and International Gifts *
  • Engineering Ethics: The PE and Sustainable Development *
  • Engineering Ethics: The PE as an Expert Witness *
  • Hurricane Engineering Response: Restoring Power to Puerto Rico
  • Introduction to the 2018 EJCDC Construction Series Documents
  • License to Succeed: Compliance for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms
  • Navigating Successful Project Delivery
  • Prevention through Design
  • Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) and its Importance to Engineering and the Public
  • Staying Relevant: The Lifelong Learning Journey
  • Understanding Wastewater Engineering *

* Approved by New York Practicing Institute of Engineering

NSPE members also have access to a state-by-state listing of continuing education requirements for PEs.