NSPE Recognizes Fellows for Service Above and Beyond

July/August 2017

NSPE Today
NSPE Recognizes Fellows for Service Above and Beyond

The NSPE Board of Directors has named the 2017 class of Fellows, in recognition for long-term service at the chapter, state, and national levels of the Society, as well as to the profession and the community.

The Fellows program began in 2000. Requirements for the designation include holding at least one elected office at any level and active involvement at the national level. Nominees should show years of involvement in NSPE, actively participate in other professional activities, and contribute to their community.

NSPE state, district, and territorial societies can nominate one person for each 500 voting members on their rolls per year. Nominations are also open to NSPE interest groups and chartered affinity groups, each of which can submit one nomination, and the NSPE Board of Directors.

NSPE is proud to name the following members as Fellows of the Society in recognition of their leadership, service, and dedication:

NSPE State Societies

David L. Krenek, P.E. (Colorado)

Randal E. Riebel, P.E. (Georgia/Minnesota)

Herbert W. Craig, P.E. (Indiana)

Kenneth W. Lee, P.E. (Kansas)

Curtis A. Beveridge, P.E. (Maine)

Stephen T. Wadas, P.E. (Nebraska)

Jonathan D. Tull, P.E. (Nevada)

Joseph P. Cherry, P.E. (Ohio)

Richard A. Willoughby, P.E. (Oklahoma)

Michael A. Gearhart, P.E. (South Carolina)

Nancy C. Blackwell, P.E. (Texas)

Steven M. Short, P.E. (Washington)

NSPE Interest Group

John Carlos Gittens, P.E. (Professional Engineers in Private Practice)

NSPE Board of Directors

Adam Stodola, P.E.