A History of NSPE’s First 50 Years

July/August 2017

NSPE Today
A History of NSPE’s First 50 Years

Anyone interested in the development of the engineering profession and the history of NSPE can now find the detailed story in a newly formatted e-book by NSPE’s first executive director, Paul Robbins, P.E.

Published in 1984, Building for Professional Growth: A History of the National Society of Professional Engineers, 1934–1984, tells of NSPE’s founding as an organization whose bedrock principle would be the licensing of engineers. All members would belong to state societies and local chapters, beginning with the members of existing associations for professional engineers in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The nontechnical organization was officially formed on September 3, 1934, with a request that each state society contribute $25 to help cover expenses.

Building for Professional Growth covers finances, communications, education, ethics, government affairs, and many other topics.

The e-book can be purchased on Amazon for $2.99.

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