NSPE Unveils New Legislative Resources

January/February 2017

NSPE Today
NSPE Unveils New Legislative Resources

NSPE members looking for details on how states define the practice of engineering as well as legislative trends in qualifications-based selection now have new resources on the Society website.

The report Definitions of the Practice of Engineering: A State-by-State Summary provides a comprehensive look at how the practice of engineering is legally defined around the country. The guide can be used by NSPE members and state societies to better understand the laws and regulations that define the practice of engineering. NSPE believes defining engineering practice is critical to understanding the professional engineer’s obligation to the public health, safety, and welfare.

The report includes the language used in each state’s law and a citation. When viewed as a PDF on an electronic device, the citations link the user directly to online copies of the legislation provided by the states. Linked citations are also included when viewed through NSPE’s website, which also includes a feature that filters the information by state.

NSPE’s interactive map of recent legislative developments related to QBS can also be found on the Society website. Eight states have recently introduced legislation or regulations that would affect QBS, which NSPE supports for all engineering services procurement. The interactive map provides the latest updates on those and any other developments that may occur in the future.

QBS map