PE magazine is the premier publication of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), the association of licensed engineers. Published 4 times a year, PE magazine reaches a diverse audience of 26,000 top engineers across the country in all branches of engineering.

Who are these 26,000 engineers?
NSPE members work in private practice, construction, industry, government, and on university campuses…and they buy the products and services that keep an engineering office running.

Whether your company offers computer hardware and software, technical and office products, professional development and education, or other contract services, it's never been easier to find the decision makers among engineers. Eighty-five percent of NSPE members are involved in their organization's purchases on products and services, including 36% at the highest level of involvement—approving/authorizing purchases (Readex Research, 2018).

PE magazine enjoys an engaged and avid readership: 55% of print recipients and 53% of print and digital recipients have read or looked through all four of the last four issues, spending 42 minutes with a typical issue. Eighty-five percent are involved in their organization's purchase of products and services. (Readex Research, 2018). That's the kind of environment every marketer seeks: an engaged, authoritative readership that takes action.

Offering an integrated marketing platform of print, Web, e-newsletter, and conference sponsorship opportunities, PE magazine provides customized packages to reach and market your products and services to today's professional engineer.

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