2014 Editorial Calendar

Many in the engineering profession say there's a growing need for leadership skills among engineers. This feature will delve into some of the aspects of this key professional attribute.
Space Close: December 30
Ad Files Due: January 3

This in-depth feature will address important contract issues facing engineers on design and construction projects.
Space Close: January 30
Ad Files Due: February 4

Career Development
All professional engineers need to keep their skills sharp and their knowledge on the cutting edge in order to move forward on their career paths.
Space Close: March 3
Ad Files Due: March 6

Emerging Technologies
Engineering is all about turning ideas into reality. What ideas are currently showing the most promise?
Space Close: April 1
Ad Files Due: April 4

Professional Liability and Risk Management
This in-depth feature will cover the issues affecting a professional engineer's insurance coverage,
professional liability exposure, and insurance choices.
Space Close: May 1
Ad Files Due: May 6

Project Management
Low performance can have high costs. This feature will provide professional engineers with lessons that can help them succeed.
Space Close: June 2
Ad Files Due: June 5

Business Development
Engineers know engineering. But engineers who also have a sound business mind make valuable employees and entrepreneurs.
Space Close: July 30
Ad Files Due: August 4

Legal Briefing
Legislative issues and court decisions can have a significant impact on the daily practice of engineering. This feature will highlight a current topic that's making news.
Space Close: September 2
Ad Files Due: September 5

Tech Trends
What are the game-changing technology trends that professional engineers need to be aware of? We'll find out from the experts.
Space Close: October 1
Ad Files Due: October 6

Professional Liability Insurance Survey and Directory
This special section includes a directory of professional liability insurance providers, which is assembled annually by NSPE and its partners, along with coverage of professional liability insurance trends.
Space Close: October 31
Ad Files Due: November 5

This calendar is subject to change.