Editorial Calendar

PE 2022 Editorial Calendar


Professional Liability
NSPE compiles results of an annual survey of professional liability insurance providers to help firm owners and professional engineers navigate the issues of liability, risk management, and loss prevention. A directory of insurance providers is also included.
Space Close: January 5, 2022
Ad Files Due: January 10, 2022


This feature will provide insight on what’s needed to help professional engineers take on leadership roles and become models of excellence.
Space Close: March 30, 2022
Ad Files Due: April 4, 2022


Legal Briefing
The practice of engineering is affected by court decisions, legislation, and regulations. This feature will provide a briefing on a legal issue of importance to PEs.
Space Close: June 22, 2022
Ad Files Due: June 27, 2022


Career Development
Learn how setting the right goals and implementing essential strategies can enhance a professional engineer’s career growth and access to new opportunities.
Space Close: September 21, 2022
Ad Files Due: September 26, 2022