Editorial Calendar

PE 2021 Editorial Calendar


This feature will provide insight on what’s needed to help professional engineers take on leadership roles and become models of excellence.
Space Close: December 14, 2020
Ad Files Due: December 19, 2020


The Future of Licensing
The practice of engineering and the technologies engineers use are evolving. Is it time for the system of engineering licensure to change too?
Space Close: March 23, 2021
Ad Files Due: March 26, 2021


This feature will examine ethics issues, topics, or programs that help professional engineers to practice with integrity and protect the public.
Space Close: June 21, 2021
Ad Files Due: June 24, 2021


Professional Advancement
Pursuing licensure, engaging in lifelong learning, and advancing engineering knowledge are key values among members of the profession. This feature will delve into important aspects of professional advancement.
Space Close: September 22, 2021
Ad Files Due: September 27, 2021