Editorial Calendar

Professional Liability Survey
Each year, NSPE conducts a survey of professional liability insurance providers. Find out more about these companies and their offerings. A directory is included.

PEs are members of a proud profession who hold themselves to a higher standard. Learn how leadership attributes can lead to greater fulfillment on the career journey.

Legal Briefing
Court decisions, legislation, and regulations all affect the licensed practice of engineering, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. This feature will provide a “briefing” on a legal issue of importance to PEs.

Liability & Risk Management
Designing ingenious solutions to society’s problems makes for a rewarding experience. But it’s not without risk. Learn how engineers can stay safe while doing what they love.

As students get back to school, this feature will examine an education trend that’s influencing the way the next generation learns how to think like engineers.

Career Development
How can engineers make the most of their careers as society’s problem-solvers?

This calendar is subject to change.