Editorial Calendar

Note: The 2018 Editorial Calendar is now available.


Professional Liability
Professional Liability: NSPE conducts an annual survey and directory of professional liability insurance providers to help firm owners and
engineers navigate the issues of professional liability, risk management, and loss prevention.
Space Close: December 1, 2016
Ad Files Due: December 6, 2016


Leadership skills are essential to PEs aiming to move their careers forward. This feature will highlight the knowledge and skills needed to be a top performer in the profession.
Space Close: January 30, 2017
Ad Files Due: February 2, 2017


Legal Briefing
The practice of engineering is affected by court decisions, legislation, and regulations. This feature will provide a “briefing” on a legal issue of
importance to PEs.
Space Close: April 3, 2017
Ad Files Due: April 6, 2016


Liability & Risk Management
Engineers are society’s problem solvers, but their work doesn’t come without some risk. Find out strategies to mitigate these risks.
Space Close: June 1, 2017
Ad Files Due: June 6, 2017


This feature will examine an ethics issue that will help engineers to practice with integrity and protect the public.
Space Close: August 3, 2017
Ad Files Due: August 8, 2017


Career Development
Gain insight on how engineers—at all levels—can get the necessary experience and pursue the right opportunities needed for career growth.
Space Close: October 3, 2017
Ad Files Due: October 6, 2017