Repositioning in an Era of Accelerating Change: Purpose, Strategy & Execution

Learn from an A&E insider engaged with a national "Engineering Change Laboratory (ECL-USA)" and who authored “Lead a Movement", about the forces that promise to disrupt the engineering business as we know it. AI, robotics, and big data intrude on tasks once thought of as only "human capable". Private equity backed startups play with changed delivery methods. How can we understand and control our destiny? Protect your career by attending this session and leave with a personal action plan.
We will explore the last 250 years when society witnessed four industrial revolutions which changed life and commerce. For engineers, wood frame and stone structures became steel, then glass and now synthetics. Whole new infrastructure systems exploded. Methods evolved from hand drawn, to digital. Then, virtual reality appeared. Physical concept modeling was its own profession. Now 3D scale-accurate animations connect concept to final design. Is virtual reality design directly to construction next?
Methods will be taught to identify and examine experimental business models that leverage technologies, blur traditional delivery methods, and appeal to changing customer values. Groups will discuss their perspectives on coming change. Then, using the method taught and worksheet furnished, individuals will craft a personal action plan.

Mr Doug Reed, PE

Doug Reed, PE, FosterGrowth

Doug Reed is a former Environmental Services and A/E principal and professional engineer who climbed his way from the cubicle to the boardroom at some of the nation’s most prestigious engineering firms. Doug became adept at exciting and engaging staff to exceed their own expectations as the critical ingredient to business success. He now brings this energy to connect with and motivate his audience.

Doug has continuously practiced transitioning to leverage new technology and drive new revenue streams. He is currently a member of a new non-profit, the Engineering Change Lab-USA whose mission is to help the industry to adapt to technological change. In his newly published book, Lead a Movement: An Insider’s Guide to Powerful Strategy Execution, Doug observes that the most common unresolved business failure is a good strategy that’s never been properly executed. Doug describes how strategy execution can produce growth with certainty, not chance.

Friday, July 19, 2019
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1:30 pm
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2:25 pm
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Truman A