How to be an Effective Witness: Discovery, Depositions & Trials

Participating in the litigation process, as a forensic witness or as the officer/representative of a party, is increasingly a potential responsibility of engineers. Gain greater understanding of the litigation process, learn from cautionary examples of potential errors, and prepare to be an effective witness. Judge Dave Flanagan, PE, offers advice for engineers based upon 42 years of experience as a trial attorney and circuit court judge.

Judge David T Flanagan, PE

Judge David Flanagan is a Professional Engineer, registered in Wisconsin. He served 17 years as a Circuit Court Judge in Madison, Wisconsin and prior to that he was a trial attorney for the Wisconsin Attorney General for 24 years. He was responsible for criminal prosecutions and defending civil lawsuits, primarily professional negligence claims. He received a degree in Civil Engineering from the Missouri School of Mines in 1967 and a JD from the University of Wisconsin Law School. He worked as an engineer for the Trane Corporation and spent three years as the Diving Officer focused on underwater construction for a Navy Seabee battalion. Judge Flanagan currently serves as a reserve judge, conducts mediations and represents clients in Veterans Affairs disability claims, pro bono.

Thursday, July 18, 2019
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