Emotional Intelligence in Consulting, Government, and the Home

Understanding of emotional intelligence is not a required skill in engineering schools. Emotional intelligence is used throughout everyone’s lives but is rarely required learning. Most individuals develop emotional intelligence based on instincts, upbringing, environment, emulation, and other learning found subliminally. This session will discuss differences between management and leadership with specific attention to the influence of emotional intelligence. The presenters will identify emotional intelligence and discuss examples of how we can react to different emotional climates, whether as consultants, government engineers, or even at home as a spouses or parents.

Learning Objectives
Define what is emotional intelligence;
Identify the different emotional intelligence personality types;
Differentiate between managing and leading in the work environment;
Identify techniques to help attendees manage different personality types and emotional situations in the work environment.

Mr Sean P Gleason, PE

Sean Gleason, P.E., is the 2018-19 president-elect of the Professional Engineers of North Carolina and a graduate of the PENC Leadership Institute. Currently, Gleason is a senior project manager at McAdams in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. As a senior associate in the firm, he has significant staff management responsibilities as well as business development goals. Since graduating with a BS in civil engineering from North Carolina State University, Gleason’s career focus has been on site development projects across all sectors, with a heavy focus in commercial and medical facilities.

Ms Susan Habina Woolard, PE
Friday, July 20, 2018
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11:00 am
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11:55 am
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Florentine II
Leadership & Risk Management