Advanced Surveying Technologies - 3D Scanning, BIM, and Drones

Advanced technologies have revolutionized the speed, accuracy, and coverage of surveying and mapping. These technologies provide multiple new tools to be used in 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). Terrestrial 3D laser scanning uses harmless light to map large areas such as roadways, bridges, and industrial facilities. Other platforms for scanning include aerial and mobile LiDAR, which can rapidly map large areas, such as facility exteriors and transportation corridors. Intelligent 3D CAD models of existing conditions can be produced from their outputs, which become living digital documents and repositories of information for future use and analysis. Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and drones are quickly entering these workflows as well. Finally, GIS tablets and augmented/virtual reality goggles are showing promise to aid engineers and contractors in the field. KCI’s David Headrick will show how these technologies work, present multiple sample projects, and discuss how these tools can save time, save money, and add value to projects.

David Headrick

Mr. Headrick has more than twenty years of experience as a manager and attorney in the land surveying, architecture, engineering, and construction industries. He currently serves as a project manager, business developer, and general counsel for KCI Technologies, Inc. Mr. Headrick specializes in advanced surveying technologies and has managed multiple projects employing 3D laser scanning, mobile/aerial LiDAR, and drone data capture. He is also a licensed FAA Part 107 UAS/drone pilot.

Thursday, July 18, 2019
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11:00 am
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11:55 am
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Truman A