Steinman Council

“Our dream has come true ... our work will live after us. We are building not for ourselves, but for posterity ... .For those of us who have known the struggles and the hardships of engineering in the lean and difficult years there is deep satisfaction in knowing that we have done our part in making engineering a finer, nobler, and more satisfying profession for those who come after us.”
--D.B. Steinman, NSPE Founder

Established in 1986 to commemorate NSPE founder David B. Steinman, the Steinman Council recognizes individuals or groups honoring individuals that have contributed $1,000 or more (in a single donation or multiple donations within a consecutive 5 year period beginning in 2016) to the NSPE Education Foundation general fund (donations to restricted funds do not count) by making them members of this prestigious council. Once a member of the council, the individual or groups honoring individuals never lose that status.

Members of the Steinman Council are featured on a commemorative plaque that is displayed in the Steinman Room at NSPE Headquarters. Steinman Council members are also presented with a gold pin that bears the image of a suspension bridge representative of the many that were designed by D.B. Steinman.

The Education Foundation Board of Trustees has established recognition levels for contributors to the Foundation. The levels include:

  • Benefactor ($100,000)
  • Patron ($50,000)
  • Platinum Sponsor ($35,000)
  • Gold Sponsor ($25,000)
  • Silver Sponsor ($10,000)
  • Bronze Sponsor ($5,000)
  • Member ($1,000)

Contributions to the NSPE Education Foundation are cumulative over a lifetime once member status has been achieved. As you make additional contributions you will be recognized at the subsequent levels as you achieve them. Currently, there are over 150 members of the Steinman Council.

Each year, as part of their “Annual Report” to the NSPE Board of Directors, the NSPE Education Foundation will highlight all new Steinman Council members as well as those members who achieved a higher recognition level in the prior year. The NSPE Education Foundation will also publicize those achievements in NSPE-related publications at the National, State, and Local levels where the member is affiliated.