About the Foundation

Incorporated in 1960, the NSPE Education Foundation is committed to the future of the engineering profession.

Core Beliefs

  • Engineering is the foundation of our every day lives
  • Engineers play a vital role in ensuring the public's well-being
  • Engineering is a distinguished profession
  • Engineers improve the quality of life
  • Engineering is a viable and rewarding career
  • Engineers are leaders


The National Society of Professional Engineers Education Foundation will be a major source of support for the educational and ethical practice needs of engineering students, engineering teachers, and practicing professionals.


To expand the public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the role and value of engineers in improving the quality of life; to enhance the image of and respect for engineers; to demonstrate the diverse face of engineering; to promote engineering as a viable and rewarding career; to increase the number of students who pursue a career in engineering; and to advance the quality of engineering professionals.